Mood Check:  Mild depression, no elevated mood, mild irritability, moderate anxiety Sleep Last Night: 7 hours, but extremely broken – a lot tossing and turning all night (took 50 mg of Hydroxyzine at bedtime) When you’ve past your episode, for me at least, I am stuck with this shame and guilt for my actions during … Continue reading Shame


Sleep: 7 Hours Depression: None Elevated Mood: None Irritability: None Anxiety: Mild I have been struggling up until this post.  Thus, the longer time between posts than I would like.  Between withdrawing from the Lexapro and upping my Lamictal, my mood has really been all over the place.  I have been especially irritable, which usually … Continue reading Acceptance

Health Update

Sleep: 8 hours!  Only woke up twice! (this is unheard of for me; I will get into what changed) Mild irritability No depression No elevated mood So, it’s been 2 weeks since my meltdown over my psychiatric care.  Since then I’ve met with my therapist twice and with her help was able to come up … Continue reading Health Update

Storytime: Sisters

Mood Check:  mild depression, no elevated mood, no irritability, moderate anxiety Sleep Last Night: 7 hours (took 25 mg of Seroquel at bedtime) I feel like I should clarify that this is not just a beauty blog.  I plan on using this blog as a space for both beauty and bipolar.  I want to share … Continue reading Storytime: Sisters

Rant: Bad Day

Today was my building’s reopening and we welcomed back a small number of employees who wanted to come back. It was so nice to see! My mood is so erratic today.  I did have a consultation with another provider (lucky number 4?) to discuss my options.  In talking with her, letting know how my previous … Continue reading Rant: Bad Day

Not a Bed of Roses

So, I guess the beauty part will come after post 2… Yesterday was a tough day for me. I had this intention of going home, finishing up the layout of the blog, making it look pretty and launching it. Well, that all went sideways quickly. I should preface that I absolutely love my job.  While … Continue reading Not a Bed of Roses

Hello, everyone!

About two months ago, I was diagnosed as bipolar after my first manic episode.  While it is a bit later for me to be diagnosed, as I am 30, it was induced by the anti-depressant I was on.  Now this is something I will battle for the rest of my life. I’ve seen multiple psychiatrists, … Continue reading Hello, everyone!

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