My Current Makeup Favorites

Mood Check:  Mild depression, no elevated mood, mild irritability, moderate anxiety

Sleep Last Night: 8 hours (took 75 mg of Hydroxyzine at bedtime)

So, before I jump into the fun stuff, just a quick mood update.  I have been up and down a lot, though I have weirdly enough, felt the calmest at work.  Once I am not at work, the worrying kicks up, or my need to get everything done.  But I feel like I always want to cry.  My Dr. says I am in a mixed state and by now, I should be seeing improving on the Lamictal, while I am not.  So, we are lowering the Lamictal and upping the Seroquel.

From the beginning, I am very willing to listen to the Drs. And take their suggestions at what medication and dosage.  But I was very honest that I feel susceptible to medication changes, so we are moving up the Seroquel every 4 days to keep a modest approach.  I truly and really appreciate this doctor, how she is listening and working with me.  I am so grateful to my therapist for the referral.  It has been amazing.

We are going to meet again in a week, a little sooner than last time, to discuss my adjustment to Seroquel, how my irritability is and if I am reaching a more stable mood situation.

Onto the fun stuff, my current favorite make-up products!

I should start by saying I have a lot of make-up… like a lot.  An embarrass amount of make-up.  Perhaps my reckless spending on make-up all these years can be contributed to bipolar, but not likely.  Just my insatiable need to get everything I want.

With that being said, I have not bought much new make-up.  So, a lot of what I am going to talk about may not be new and just my way of “shopping my stash”.  I think I will go in order of how I put it on my face.

Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer: I do not think I need much to balance out my skin, that primers typically do.  My skin type has really been normal, and I adjust my skincare to address my dryness or oily needs.  But what I do have are huge pores.  The thing about pores is, there is a miracle cream, toner or make-up product that is really going to make your pores smaller or invisible.  That just is not realistic.  But this creates a smooth base that the make-up just glides onto.  I put this just on my cheeks, where my pores are the largest and it does give a blurred look.  I need to use this every time I do my make-up.

Now, I have found the way I like to do my make-up is with cream products I put on first and then my foundation, which is why the order is a bit different than you might be used to seeing.

Beauty Blender: There is no other way I can do my make-up and to be honest, no other sponge is as good as the original.  From concealer, foundation, cream bronzer, cream contour, cream highlight, powder, I use my beauty blender for most things on my face.  Non-cream bronzer, blush and highlight and my eyes is the only things I use a brush for.  Everything is my beauty blender.  I would be lost without it (which is probably why I have a billion!).

Hourglass Illume Sheer Trio: So, a few things before I say how much I love this product.  1. Hourglass is expensive.  It is bougie and maybe not entirely worth the money, but I still love certain select products from them.  I can do a flops post, and there is something so horrendous from Hourglass, but I digress.  2. Much like a lot of brands, this palette is geared towards one shade of cliental – light-to-medium skin tones.  It can fit a good range in that spectrum, but if you are anything dark than medium this will do nothing for you.  Bronzers and contours especially do not have a lot of options for darker skinned ladies.  A lot of time, there is one option – bronzer.  Brands like Fenty have changed the game and have become to standard in skin tone range in make-up launches, but it is still clear that many brands need to think beyond foundation shade ranges and apply it to all their products.  That being said, this product is the shit and should be available for every skin tone to try!  It is creamy, it is pigmented, and it blends across the skin beautifully.  Now, I mostly use the bronze shade.  I am not in blush – I am red enough!  With the highlight, I have so many others, I never think to use this one.  I use this first, placing it high on my cheeks and forehead, which creates a dual bronzer-contour.  It blends perfectly and creates a beautiful, bronzed effect.

Uoma Stay Woke Concealer:  Uoma Beauty on a whole, I think, is totally underrated.  I have used their lip products, eyeshadows, and their foundation, all of which are beautiful.  But their gem, and the best I have ever used is, their Stay Woke Concealer.  This for me is THE perfect concealer.  It covers quite well and will hide your dark circles well.  It is not necessarily thin, but it is not as thick or heavy as a Shapetape.  It is not drying and blends in well, even when my under-eyes are crepe-like and dry.  But my favorite thing is that this WILL NOT crease.  I do not even need to set this concealer.  It just stays in place.  I do not know how they do it, but this does not move!  I can wear this all day and you will not see it crease.  This is probably the product I would recommend over all the other products mentioned.

I do not have a go-to foundation right now.  I bounce between the Make-Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation (which I have never had a bad make-up day with) and the Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation.  Both are thin and are a medium coverage foundation.  It blends in well and is not heavy.  These are typically what I look for in a foundation.  I do not need coverage necessarily but more so something to even out some of the redness in my skin.  What I love too about both foundations is the shade.  Both foundations have a TRUE neutral shade.  Not yellow or pink, but an actual neutral undertone.  It does not sound good, but I feel there needs to be almost a greyness undertone to really match me and both of these foundations too.  I also will mention the NYX Foundation Mixer, which is an inexpensive pure pigment that can make your foundation lighter or darker without changing the formula of the foundation.  It is great to customize your color for the season.

For eyeshadow and eyebrows, I have been changing up what I use every time, so there is not something I really want to talk about here. 

The same thing with powder.  I am still trying out a few to find a good balance between setting into place, without looking overly dry.  I also feel some powders will change the coverage underneath so that is also something I am conscious of.  I have not found a go-to yet.

 The last thing I will mention is my favorite thing in my routine: highlight.  I tell people I want to look like a glazed donut all the time.  I have been really into loose pigment highlighters lately.  The only that I find the best is the Jaclyn Hill Beaming Light Loose Highlighter in the shade Extra.  So, I know, Jaclyn is controversial to say the least.  Even as I write this there is a new scandal surrounding here.  Not to mention the debacle that was her first launch.  But product is amazing!  If you use a little, you can get a bright, but natural healthy glow.  You can also pack it on in a specific location and really have it be this in your face highlight.  I like the customizability of this product and it is a great shade for my skin tone.  I used to be scared of a loose highlighter but using a small amount and really swirling it into the brush, it is just the same as using a pressed highlighter but they are typically more intense, which I enjoy!

Honorable Mention: Tom Ford Soliel Drops:  I didn’t want this to be focused on a lot, as it is both bougie as hell and I think it is no longer available.  But this product is perfect for no make-up make-up, just to give you a healthy, natural glow.  Blends in seamlessly and just gives a slight gold glow.  It really is a beautiful product if you have the money and can get your hands on it!

Lips, again, I switch it up quite a bit because I like to use different shades and do not have one brand or formula that I just have in a lot of shades.  My collection is all over the place!  I also have a lot of products I use that are discontinued and you would not be able to get.  I have already teased one of those; I will not do that anymore!  But I have one product I’ll mention briefly.  The Tarte Quench Lip Rescue is perfect for no make-up make-up.  I use the shade Nude and it gives your lips a juicy dash of color and it hydrates them well.  It is great to wear to give a very tiny bit of color to your lips. 

This wraps up the make-up products I am currently using.  I have learned to try and keep the number of products I use daily a bit lower.  I try to use less make-up and make the look more natural.  Not so heavy, in your face, WOW, she is wearing a full face of makeup.  Sometimes I love that look and will go all out sometimes.  But most times I go for a more subdue look.  These products are all perfect for that!

If you have any questions on these products, my routine and placement or any more recommendations, just ask!

Do you have a go-to makeup product that you cannot do your makeup routine without?

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Things coming up: my current skincare routine, 5 product make-up routine, holy grails in make-up and skincare, what I cannot live without (all things beauty) and more!

Stay well everyone xx

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