Dyson Air Wrap – Is it Worth it?

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Dyson.  That brand comes with a lot of immediate thoughts.  Vacuum.  Technology.  Innovative.  Expensive.

Dyson got into the hair tool game in 2016 by launching the Supersonic Hair Dryer.  It understandably got crazy buzz, and everyone wanted it.  It sold out everywhere and was quite difficult to get your hands on.  It was quiet, sleek and lightweight.  The technology put inside the hair dryer made air come out faster and at a different angle to optimize drying time, cutting down on heat damage.

Dyson has since launched different versions, different colors of the supersonic as well as other products.  Most recently it launched a cordless, flexible plate flat that checks the heat a ridiculous amount of times per second.  This too has been well sought after.

I did venture into the Dyson world about a year ago when I took the plunge and bought the Air Wrap.  I bought the entire bundle and it set me back $550.  This was a steep price to pay but if I was getting it, I was getting all the attachments and the case and going all in!  Since the original release, additional barrels (longer barrels, which were totally necessary for longer hair like mine!) and brush attachments to expand the looks you can do with this one tool.

The thought Is this one tool can do your entire hair look.  Dry, straighten, curl without switching devices.  It is lightweight and just as sleek.  It cuts down on extreme heat to keep hair damage to a minimum without sacrificing the look of a sleek blowout or curled hair.  It features a technology called Coanda Effect, which creates a continuous flow of air that forms around the barrel, attracting hair to its surface.  This creates voluminous curls and waves without using extreme heat.  There are three airflow speeds and three heat levels.  The power button slides up and if you push it upwards more and hold it, this is the cool blasts, which locks your curl into place.  This device also has intelligent heat control which measure the air temperature 40 times a second to regulate the heat.  Lastly it uses negative ions to cut down on static.

All that sounds too good to be true.  I mean does all that stuff equal and mean it is truly worth $550?! 

So, two important things to discuss before how I have used it, how often I use it and my final opinion on it: my hair type and the attachments that come in and their purpose.

I have naturally dirty blonde hair.  I get blonde balayage, so I do have some chemical processing damage, but I use a good steady routine of products, use heat protectant and see a professional for any coloring.  My hair is thin, but I have a lot of it.  It is naturally wavy/curly.  If I leave it natural, I have a mix of some ringlet curls and some tight waves, I will say.  It is a bit dry and frizzy, but easily manageable with the right products (want a post on my holy grail hair products?  I have some very specific items I ALWAYS need in my possession!)

In the complete set, you get the Air Wrap body.  Then there are 6 attachments that come with it and snap into the body.  There is a small push button to release the attachment to put another one on.  The following are the attachments and their purposes:

  • Pre-styling attachment: think of this as the Supersonic’s baby sister.  It is meant to dry your hair before using another attachment to finish styling.  If you are using the curling wands specifically, your hair should be most of the way dry, so the hair gets pulled in by the curling wand.  The pre-styling attachment helps you get your hair to that point.  It is not as strong as the Supersonic but its still a pretty good blow-dryer.
  • Soft smoothing brush: this is meant to give you a sleek, blow-out effect.  It works like a brush and these are soft bristles, meant to be used on thinner, shorter hair.  This attachment gives the straightest hair style.
  • Firm smoothing brush: this is much like the smoothing brush, but it has firmer bristles so it is better for thicker, more unruly hair.  The firmer bristles are supposed to keep frizz and flyways at bay.
  • Round volumizing brush: your best friend to get a salon style blow-out at home.  It directs air into the hair to create body and the bristles create tension to shape the hair as it dries.  This is your favorite round brush and a hairdryer in one!
  • 1.2-inch barrels (2): these are the smaller of the two sized curling wands.  These will create tighter curls.  There are two with both sets of curling wands so that the air can go in clockwise and counterclockwise to make sure you can have your curls facing away from your face.
  • 1.6-inch barrels (2): these are the bigger barrels and therefore will create softer, loose curls or waves.  Like the 1.2-inch barrels, there are 2, to create the clockwise and counterclockwise air flow.

All this information, I must have an opinion.  $550 is a lot of money.  But, in mind, this device is worth that and more.  In my experience, and I have started using it 2 times a week, it has gotten more action than my blow dryer, flat iron and curling wands combined!  I never liked pin-straight hair; it makes me look like I have no hair.  But a bouncy blowout, I love.  Except I never had the dexterity to make it work with a blow dryer and brush.  With one device to take the place of two objects, I finally can do it.  I can blow it out straight-ish or curl it now with just the round brush attachment.  The curling wand part is extremely cool; to just see it wrap automatically around the attachment and then come out with the perfect, bouncy curl makes me smile every time.

If you add up the costs of a blow-dryer, flat iron, curling wand and all the times you would go to get a blow-out, you would be spending well over $550. 

I was never good at hair, but this device honestly makes it so easy.  There is a little bit of a learning curve but once you get the hang of it, you will have hair that looks like a pro did it. 

I cannot say how long it will last; I have only had it a year, but I have had zero issues with it so far.

Besides the price, I really do not have any cons.  I wish that perhaps I did not buy the complete bundle.  But, even to get the longer 1.6-inch barrels (I mainly use those) and the round brush attachment, I would practically be spending the same thing.  The attachments that have launched outside the original do not appeal to me too much, either.  They went smaller with the round brush and curling barrels.  A bigger round brush or some 2-inch barrels would be nice.  The only real pain is with the curling wands, your hair really needs to be the perfect level of damp. Too wet, the hair wont auto-wrap and stay sucked against the barrel.  Too dry, the curl wont hold and it will not be as smooth.   I’ll also say that this device is clearly geared towards certain hair types.  Kinky curls to relaxed hair may not find the same results as I do because the heat is not enough and there isn’t enough tension to really pull the hair into the shape you desire.

I have some helpful tips!

  • Keep a spray bottle around to keep your hair to a dampness that will stay against the barrel and get a good curl! 
  • You need to section your hair.  This device works best when you do sections.  This way the hair is wrapped directly around the barrel, getting the heat to smooth and curl the hair.
  • You need to use the cool blast!  I normally touch my hair to make sure its dry and hold the cool blast up for 5 to 10 seconds.  Then I turn off the device and hold it there for another 5 seconds to make sure it is cooled.  This gives your curls the best chance of lasting.
  • Do not remove your hair from the device while it is still on.  This will cause a knotty, mess.  Make sure you power the device off and let the hair slide off.
  • Use the cool tip at the top of the attachments when removing so that you don’t burn your hands

If you think that you will use this device often, I think that is well worth it.  I think that it will replace all your current devices, cut down on damage and ultimately be worth the investment.  At the end of the day, that’s what this is; an investment. 

Do you have this device?  Would you consider getting it?

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